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Sample Draw Manifolds
Model Series SD1/SD2 Sample Draw Manifold
Power Input and Flow Fault Indicators
Flow Fault Fail Safe Supervision
In-Line Sample Input Moisture Filter
Sample Pump Service Life >3-5 Years
Single and Dual Channel Option
In-line Flame Propogation Barriers (NEMA 7 Version)
NEMA 4X Sample Draw Manifold

NEMA 7 Sample Draw Manifold

Detcon Model SD1-Nx is a single sensor sample draw manifold (dual channel available) designed for use with any one of a number of gas detection sensors including combustible gas, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and a long list of toxic compounds. The sampling system utilizes an internal pump to draw air and gas samples from a remote location and flow the sample across the sensor at a metered flow rate. In use, the sample draw method allows for remote calibration and routine maintenance without exposing maintenance personnel to dangerous or difficult to access sampling areas. Sampling time is a function of the distance between the sample point and the sample draw manifold.
Detcon Model SD-1-N4X is housed in a NEMA 4 weatherproof enclosure and is suitable for installation in outdoor locations.
Detcon Model SD-1-N7 is housed in a NEMA 7 explosion proof enclosure and is suitable for installation in hazardous locations: Class I; Division 1; Group C & D.
These enclosure ratings allow for installation with a minimum distance to the sample point, which decreases delays in real time sampling.
Single or Dual Channel
Power Input - 12VDC, 24VDC, 220VAC
High Sample Flow
Teflon fittings & Tubing
Sample Dilution
Liquid Level Detector
Molecular Sieve
Loop Isolator
Less Pump


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