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Solid State H2S
Chemfet MOS (TP)

Combustilble Gas
Catalytic Bead (FP)

Infrared (IR)

Carbon Dioxide CO2
Infrared (IR)

Toxic Gases
Electrochemical (DM)

Oxygen Deficiency (O2)

Photo Ionization (PI)

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Model 700
Integration Modules

Model 700
Detcon  Product
d1001 SENSOR
d1001a fixed  gas sensors
d1001a1 Detcon Model Series 700 Gas Detection Sensors
Data Sheets
d1001a1a Solid State H2S Chemfet MOS (TP)
d1001a1b Combustilble Gas Catalytic Bead (FP)
d1001a1c Combustible Hydrocarbons Infrared (IR)
d1001a1d Carbon Dioxide CO2 Infrared (IR)
d1001a1e Toxic Gases Electrochemical (DM)
Model Series 700 Toxic Gas Detection Sensors
Product Data Sheets by Gas Type
d1001a1e1 DM-700-C2H2 Acetylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e2 DM-702-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e3 DM-700-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e4 DM-700-Br2 Bromine Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e5 DM-700-C4H6 Butadiene Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e6 DM-700-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e7 DM-700-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e8 DM-701-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-1ppm)
d1001a1e9 DM-700-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
d1001a1e10 DM-700-B2H6 Diborane Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e11 DM-700-C2H5OH Ethanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e12 DM-700-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e13 DM-700-C2H4 Ethylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e14 DM-700-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e15 DM-700-F2 Fluorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e16 DM-700-CH2O Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e17 DM-700-GeH4 Germane Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e18 DM-700-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e19 DM-700-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (ppm Range)
d1001a1e20 DM-701-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (4% Range)
d1001a1e21 DM-702-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (1% Range)
d1001a1e22 DM-700-HBr Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e23 DM-700-HCL Hydrogen Chloride Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e24 DM-700-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e25 DM-700-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e26 DM-700-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e27 DM-700-CH3OH Methanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e28 DM-700-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e29 DM-700-NO Nitric Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e30 DM-700-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e31 DM-700-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e32 DM-700-PH3 Phosphine Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e33 DM-700-SiH4 Silane Sensor Assembly
d1001a1e34 DM-700-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a1f  Oxygen Deficiency (O2)
d1001a1g  VOCs Photo Ionization (PI)
Other Documentation
d1001a1aa Sales Brochure
d1001a1aa1 Model Series 700 Sales Brochure
d1001a1ab Instruction Manuals
d1001a1ab1 TP-700 Solid State MOS H2S Manual
d1001a1ab2 FP-700 Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a1ab3 IR-700 Combustible Hydrocarbons & CO2 Manual
d1001a1ab4 DM-700 Toxic Gas & Oxygen Manual
d1001a1ab5 PI-700 VOC Gas Manual
d1001a1ab6 PI-700 (500ppm Range) VOC Gas Manual
d1001a1ac Engineering Specification Sheets (Tabular)
d1001a1ac1 TP-700 Solid State H2S
d1001a1ac2 FP-700 Combustible LEL
d1001a1ac3 IR-700-CH LEL
d1001a1ac4 IR-700-CO2
d1001a1ac5 DM-700-O2 Oxygen
d1001a1ac6 PI-700 VOC (up to 10 ppm)
d1001a1ac7 PI-701 VOC (up to 1,000 ppm)
d1001a1ac8 DM-700-C2H2 Acetylene
d1001a1ac9 DM-702-NH3 Ammonia
d1001a1ac10 DM-700-AsH3 Arsine
d1001a1ac11 DM-700-Br2 Bromine
d1001a1ac12 DM-700-C4H6 Butadiene
d1001a1ac13 DM-700-CO Carbon Monoxide
d1001a1ac14 DM-700-CL2 Chlorine
d1001a1ac15 DM-701-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-1ppm)
d1001a1ac16 DM-700-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-50ppm)
d1001a1ac17 DM-700-B2H6 Diborane
d1001a1ac18 DM-700-C2H5OH Ethanol
d1001a1ac19 DM-700-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans
d1001a1ac20 DM-700-C2H4 Ethylene
d1001a1ac21 DM-700-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
d1001a1ac22 DM-700-F2 Fluorine
d1001a1ac23 DM-700-CH2O Formaldehyde
d1001a1ac24 DM-700-GeH4 Germane
d1001a1ac25 DM-700-N2H4 Hydrazine
d1001a1ac26 DM-700-H2 Hydrogen (ppm Range)
d1001a1ac27 DM-701-H2 Hydrogen (4% Range LEL)
d1001a1ac28 DM-702-H2 Hydrogen (1% Range)
d1001a1ac29 DM-700-HBr Hydrogen Bromide
d1001a1ac30 DM-700-HCL Hydrogen Chloride
d1001a1ac31 DM-700-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
d1001a1ac32 DM-700-HF Hydrogen Fluoride
d1001a1ac33 DM-700-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
d1001a1ac34 DM-700-CH3OH Methanol
d1001a1ac35 DM-700-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans
d1001a1ac36 DM-700-NO Nitric Oxide
d1001a1ac37 DM-700-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
d1001a1ac38 DM-700-O3 Ozone
d1001a1ac39 DM-700-PH3 Phosphine
d1001a1ac40 DM-700-SiH4 Silane
d1001a1ac41 DM-700-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide
d1001a1aca Engineering Specification Sheets (Text)
d1001a1aca1 TP-700 Solid State H2S
d1001a1aca2 FP-700 Combustible LEL
d1001a1aca3 IR-700-CH LEL
d1001a1aca4 IR-700-CO2
d1001a1aca5 DM-700-O2 Oxygen
d1001a1aca6 PI-700 VOC (up to 10 ppm)
d1001a1aca7 PI-701 VOC (up to 1,000 ppm)
d1001a1aca8 DM-700-C2H2 Acetylene
d1001a1aca9 DM-702-NH3 Ammonia
d1001a1aca10 DM-700-AsH3 Arsine
d1001a1aca11 DM-700-Br2 Bromine
d1001a1aca12 DM-700-C4H6 Butadiene
d1001a1aca13 DM-700-CO Carbon Monoxide
d1001a1aca14 DM-700-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a1aca15 DM-701-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-1ppm)
d1001a1aca16 DM-700-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-50ppm)
d1001a1aca17 DM-700-B2H6 Diborane
d1001a1aca18 DM-700-C2H5OH Ethanol
d1001a1aca19 DM-700-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans
d1001a1aca20 DM-700-C2H4 Ethylene
d1001a1aca21 DM-700-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
d1001a1aca22 DM-700-F2 Fluorine
d1001a1aca23 DM-700-CH2O Formaldehyde
d1001a1aca24 DM-700-GeH4 Germane
d1001a1aca25 DM-700-N2H4 Hydrazine
d1001a1aca26 DM-700-H2 Hydrogen (ppm Range)
d1001a1aca27 DM-701-H2 Hydrogen (4% Range LEL)
d1001a1aca28 DM-702-H2 Hydrogen (1% Range)
d1001a1aca29 DM-700-HBr Hydrogen Bromide
d1001a1aca30 DM-700-HCL Hydrogen Chloride
d1001a1aca31 DM-700-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
d1001a1aca32 DM-700-HF Hydrogen Fluoride
d1001a1aca33 DM-700-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
d1001a1aca34 DM-700-CH3OH Methanol
d1001a1aca35 DM-700-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans
d1001a1aca36 DM-700-NO Nitric Oxide
d1001a1aca37 DM-700-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
d1001a1aca38 DM-700-O3 Ozone
d1001a1aca39 DM-700-PH3 Phosphine
d1001a1aca40 DM-700-SiH4 Silane
d1001a1aca41 DM-700-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide
d1001a1ad Approvals and Certifications
d1001a1ad1 CSA Certification Model 700
d1001a1ad2 CE Certification (TP-700, FP-700, IR-700, DM-700, PI-700)
d1001a1ad3 ATEX (DM-700 Toxics)
d1001a1ad4 ATEX (TP-700, FP-700, IR-700)
d1001a1ad5 ATEX (PI-700)
d1001a1ad6 ABS TP-700
d1001a1ad7 ABS FP-700
d1001a1ad8 ABS DM-700 (Toxics & Oxygen)
d1001a1ad9 ABS IR-700 (CH & CO2)
d1001a1ad10 EXIDA SIL2 (TP-700)
d1001a1ad11 EXIDA SIL2 (FP-700)
d1001a1ad12 EXIDA SIL2 (IR-700)
d1001a1ad13 EXIDA SIL2 (DM-700)
d1001a1ad14 GOST Russian Approvals 700 Sensors (TP, FP, IR-CH, DM, PI)
d1001a1ad15 GOST Russian Approvals IR-700-CO2
d1001a1ad16 HART Certificate of Registration - Model 700 HART Bridge
d1001a1ad17 China Measurement Approvals (TP-700)
d1001a1ad18 China Measurement Approvals (DM-700)
d1001a1ad19 China Measurement Approvals (PI-700)
d1001a1ad20 CEPEL Brazil (TP-700, FP-700 IR-700)
d1001a1ad21 CEPEL Brazil (DM-700)
d1001a1ad22 CEPEL HART, HART-Ram, and Profibus-RAM Module
d1001a1ad23 CEPEL Mini J-Box
d1001a1ad24 CNEX China Certificate of Conformity (DM-700, PI-700)
d1001a1ad25 CNEX China Certificate of Conformity (DM-700, PI-700) in Chinese
d1001a1ad26 PESO India Approvals 700 Sensors (TP, FP, IR-CH, DM)
d1001a1ae Model 700 Accessories
d1001a1ae1 Model 700 Duct Mount Kit
d1001a1af Model 700 Integration Modules
d1001a1af1 HRT Bridge Module Product Data Sheet
d1001a1af2 HRT-RAM Module Product Data Sheet
d1001a1af3 Profi-RAM Module Product Data Sheet
d1001a1af4 Remote-Alarm Module Product Data Sheet
d1001a1af5 700 Remote Sensor/Alarm Relay Module Manual
d1001a1af6 700 Remote Sensor/Alarm Relay Module with HART Interface Manual
d1001a1af7 700 Remote Sensor/Alarm Relay Module with Profibus Interface Manual
d1001a1af8 700 Foundation Fieldbus Bridge Manual
d1001a1af9 700 Foundation Fieldbus Bridge Device Descriptor Files
d1001a1af10 700 HRT Bridge Manual
d1001a1ag Software
d1001a1ag1 700 Foundation Fieldbus
d1001a1ag2 700 HART
d1001a2 Detcon MicroSafe™ Gas Detection Sensors
Data Sheets
d1001a2a Solid State H2S Chemfet MOS (TP)
d1001a2a1 TP-524D
d1001a2a2 TP-624D
d1001a2b Combustilble Gas Catalytic Bead (FP)
d1001a2b1 FP-524D
d1001a2b2 500HT High Temp
d1001a2b3 600HT High Temp
d1001a2b4 FP-624D
d1001a2c Combustible Hydrocarbons Infrared (IR)
d1001a2c1 500
d1001a2c2 600
d1001a2d Carbon Dioxide CO2 Infrared (IR)
d1001a2d1 500
d1001a2d2 640
d1001a2d3 642
d1001a2e Toxic Gases Electrochemical (DM)
MicroSafe™ Toxic Gas Detection Sensors
Model 500 Series Product Data Sheets by Gas Type
d1001a2e1 DM-500-C2H2 Acetylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e2 DM-502-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e3 DM-500-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e4 DM-500-Br2 Bromine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e5 DM-500-C4H6 Butadiene Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e6 DM-500-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e7 DM-500-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e8 DM-501-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-1ppm)
d1001a2e9 DM-500-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
d1001a2e10 DM-500-B2H6 Diborane Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e11 DM-500-C2H5OH Ethanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e12 DM-500-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e13 DM-500-C2H4 Ethylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e14 DM-500-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e15 DM-500-F2 Fluorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e16 DM-500-CH2O Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e17 DM-500-GeH4 Germane Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e18 DM-500-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e19 DM-500-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (ppm Range)
d1001a2e20 DM-501-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (4% Range)
d1001a2e21 DM-502-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (1% Range)
d1001a2e22 DM-500-HBr Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e23 DM-500-HCL Hydrogen Chloride Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e24 DM-500-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e25 DM-500-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e26 DM-500-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e27 DM-500-CH3OH Methanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e28 DM-500-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e29 DM-500-NO Nitric Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e30 DM-500-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e31 DM-500-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e32 DM-500-PH3 Phosphine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e33 DM-500-SiH4 Silane Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e34 DM-500-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
Model 600 Series Product Data Sheets by Gas Type
d1001a2e35 DM-600-C2H2 Acetylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e36 DM-602-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e37 DM-600-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e38 DM-600-Br2 Bromine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e39 DM-600-C4H6 Butadiene Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e40 DM-600-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e41 DM-600-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e42 DM-601-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-1ppm)
d1001a2e43 DM-600-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
d1001a2e44 DM-600-B2H6 Diborane Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e45 DM-600-C2H5OH Ethanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e46 DM-600-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e47 DM-600-C2H4 Ethylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e48 DM-600-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e49 DM-600-F2 Fluorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e50 DM-600-CH2O Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e51 DM-600-GeH4 Germane Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e52 DM-600-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e53 DM-600-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (ppm Range)
d1001a2e54 DM-601-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (4% Range)
d1001a2e55 DM-602-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (1% Range)
d1001a2e56 DM-600-HBr Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e57 DM-600-HCL Hydrogen Chloride Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e58 DM-600-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e59 DM-600-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e60 DM-600-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e61 DM-600-CH3OH Methanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e62 DM-600-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e63 DM-600-NO Nitric Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e64 DM-600-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e65 DM-600-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e66 DM-600-PH3 Phosphine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e67 DM-600-SiH4 Silane Sensor Assembly
d1001a2e68 DM-600-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a2f  Oxygen Deficiency (O2)
d1001a2f1 500
d1001a2f2 600
Other Documentation
d1001a2ab Instruction Manuals
d1001a2ab1 TP-524C Solid State MOS H2S Manual
                                                d1001a2ab2 TP-524D Solid State MOS H2S Manual
d1001a2ab3 TP-524D-HRT with HART Solid State MOS H2S Manual
d1001a2ab4 TP-624C Solid State MOS H2S Manual
d1001a2ab5 TP-624D Solid State MOS H2S Manual
d1001a2ab6 FP-524C Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab7 FP-524D Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab8 FP-524D-HRT with HART Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab9 FP-524HT High Temp Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab10 FP-624C Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab11 FP-624D Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab12 FP-624HT High Temp Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab13 FP-624D-HT High Temp Combustible Gas LEL Manual
d1001a2ab14 IR-522 Combustible Hydrocarbons Manual
d1001a2ab15 IR-622 Combustible Hydrocarbons Manual
d1001a2ab16 IR-540 CO2 Manual
d1001a2ab17 IR-640 CO2 Manual
d1001a2ab18 DM-500IS Toxic Manual
d1001a2ab19 DM-600IS Toxic Manual
d1001a2ab20 DM-534C Oxygen Manual
d1001a2ab21 DM-634 Oxygen Manual

d1001a2ac Engineering Specification Sheets
Engineering Specification Sheets (500 Series)
d1001a2ac1 TP-524C Solid State H2S
d1001a2ac2 TP-524D Solid State H2S
d1001a2ac3 FP-524C Combustible LEL
d1001a2ac4 FP-524D Combustible LEL
d1001a2ac5 FP-524H High Temp Combustible LEL
d1001a2ac6 IR-522-CH LEL
d1001a2ac7 IR-540-CO2
d1001a2ac8 DM-534-O2 Oxygen
d1001a2ac9 DM-500IS-C2H2 Acetylene
d1001a2ac10 DM-502IS-NH3 Ammonia
d1001a2ac11 DM-500IS-AsH3 Arsine
d1001a2ac12 DM-500IS-Br2 Bromine
d1001a2ac13 DM-500IS-C4H6 Butadiene
d1001a2ac14 DM-500IS-CO Carbon Monoxide
d1001a2ac15 DM-500IS-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2ac16 DM-501IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-1ppm)
d1001a2ac17 DM-500IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-50ppm)
d1001a2ac18 DM-500IS-B2H6 Diborane
d1001a2ac19 DM-500IS-C2H5OH Ethanol
d1001a2ac20 DM-500IS-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans
d1001a2ac21 DM-500IS-C2H4 Ethylene
d1001a2ac22 DM-500IS-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
d1001a2ac23 DM-500IS-F2 Fluorine
d1001a2ac24 DM-500IS-CH2O Formaldehyde
d1001a2ac25 DM-500IS-GeH4 Germane
d1001a2ac26 DM-500IS-N2H4 Hydrazine
d1001a2ac27 DM-500IS-H2 Hydrogen (ppm Range)
d1001a2ac28 DM-501IS-H2 Hydrogen (4% Range)
d1001a2ac29 DM-502IS-H2 Hydrogen (1% Range)
d1001a2ac30 DM-500IS-HBr Hydrogen Bromide
d1001a2ac31 DM-500IS-HCL Hydrogen Chloride
d1001a2ac32 DM-500IS-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
d1001a2ac33 DM-500IS-HF Hydrogen Fluoride
d1001a2ac34 DM-500IS-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
d1001a2ac35 DM-500IS-CH3OH Methanol
d1001a2ac36 DM-500IS-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans
d1001a2ac37 DM-500IS-NO Nitric Oxide
d1001a2ac38 DM-500IS-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
d1001a2ac39 DM-500IS-O3 Ozone
d1001a2ac40 DM-500IS-PH3 Phosphine
d1001a2ac41 DM-500IS-SiH4 Silane
d1001a2ac42 DM-500IS-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide

Engineering Specification Sheets (600 Series)

d1001a2ac43 TP-624C Solid State H2S
d1001a2ac44 TP-624D Solid State H2S
d1001a2ac45 FP-624C Combustible LEL
d1001a2ac46 FP-624D Combustible LEL
d1001a2ac47 IR-622-CH LEL
d1001a2ac48 IR-640-CO2
d1001a2ac49 DM-634-O2 Oxygen
d1001a2ac50 DM-600IS-C2H2 Acetylene
d1001a2ac51 DM-602IS-NH3 Ammonia
d1001a2ac52 DM-600IS-AsH3 Arsine
d1001a2ac53 DM-600IS-Br2 Bromine
d1001a2ac54 DM-600IS-C4H6 Butadiene
d1001a2ac55 DM-600IS-CO Carbon Monoxide
d1001a2ac56 DM-600IS-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a2ac57 DM-601IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-1ppm)
d1001a2ac58 DM-600IS-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-50ppm)
d1001a2ac59 DM-600IS-B2H6 Diborane
d1001a2ac60 DM-600IS-C2H5OH Ethanol
d1001a2ac61 DM-600IS-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans
d1001a2ac62 DM-600IS-C2H4 Ethylene
d1001a2ac63 DM-600IS-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
d1001a2ac64 DM-600IS-F2 Fluorine
d1001a2ac65 DM-600IS-CH2O Formaldehyde
d1001a2ac66 DM-600IS-GeH4 Germane
d1001a2ac67 DM-600IS-N2H4 Hydrazine
d1001a2ac68 DM-600IS-H2 Hydrogen (ppm Range)
d1001a2ac69 DM-601IS-H2 Hydrogen (4% Range)
d1001a2ac70 DM-602IS-H2 Hydrogen (1% Range)
d1001a2ac71 DM-600IS-HBr Hydrogen Bromide
d1001a2ac72 DM-600IS-HCL Hydrogen Chloride
d1001a2ac73 DM-600IS-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
d1001a2ac74 DM-600IS-HF Hydrogen Fluoride
d1001a2ac75 DM-600IS-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
d1001a2ac76 DM-600IS-CH3OH Methanol
d1001a2ac77 DM-600IS-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans
d1001a2ac78 DM-600IS-NO Nitric Oxide
d1001a2ac79 DM-600IS-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
d1001a2ac80 DM-600IS-O3 Ozone
d1001a2ac81 DM-600IS-PH3 Phosphine
d1001a2ac82 DM-600IS-SiH4 Silane
d1001a2ac83 DM-600IS-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide

d1001a2ad Approvals & Certifications
MicroSafe™ Model 500 & 600 Sensors Other Documentation
d1001a2ad1 ABS TP-624C & TP-524D
d1001a2ad2 ABS FP-624C, FP-624D, FP-524C, & FP-524D
d1001a2ad3 ABS DM-600IS, DM-634, DM-500IS, DM-534
d1001a2ad4 ABS IR-640, IR-622, IR-540, IR-522
d1001a2ad5 CSA Certification TP-524C
d1001a2ad6 CSA Certification TP-624C
d1001a2ad7 CSA Certification FP-524C & FP-524D
d1001a2ad8 CSA Certification IR-522 & IR-622
d1001a2ad9 CSA Certification IR-540 & IR-640
d1001a2ad10 CSA Certification DM-500IS & DM-600IS
d1001a2ad11 CSA Certification DM-534C & DM-634
d1001a2ad12     FM Certificate of Compliance TP-524D, TP-524DK, & TP-524DS
d1001a2ad13 SIRA ATEX Certification TP-524D & TP-624D
d1001a2ad14 China Measurement Approvals TP-524C & TP-624C
d1001a2ad15 China Measurement Approvals DM-Toxic & O2

d1001a3 Detcon Model 100 Gas Detection Sensors
Data Sheets
d1001a3a Toxic, Oxygen
DM-100 Gas Detection Sensors
Product Data Sheets by Gas Type
d1001a3a1 DM-100-O2 Oxygen Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a2 DM-100-C2H2 Acetylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a3 DM-102-NH3 Ammonia Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a4 DM-100-AsH3 Arsine Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a5 DM-100-Br2 Bromine Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a6 DM-100-C4H6 Butadiene Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a7 DM-100-CO Carbon Monoxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a8 DM-100-CL2 Chlorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a9 DM-101-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-1ppm)
d1001a3a10 DM-100-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide Sensor Assembly (0-50ppm)
d1001a3a11 DM-100-B2H6 Diborane Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a12 DM-100-C2H5OH Ethanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a13 DM-100-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a14 DM-100-C2H4 Ethylene Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a15 DM-100-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a16 DM-100-F2 Fluorine Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a17 DM-100-CH2O Formaldehyde Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a18 DM-100-GeH4 Germane Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a19 DM-100-N2H4 Hydrazine Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a20 DM-100-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (ppm Range)
d1001a3a21 DM-101-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (4% Range)
d1001a3a22 DM-102-H2 Hydrogen Sensor Assembly (1% Range)
d1001a3a23 DM-100-HBr Hydrogen Bromide Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a24 DM-100-HCL Hydrogen Chloride Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a25 DM-100-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a26 DM-100-HF Hydrogen Fluoride Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a27 DM-100-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a28 DM-100-CH3OH Methanol Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a29 DM-100-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a30 DM-100-NO Nitric Oxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a31 DM-100-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a32 DM-100-O3 Ozone Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a33 DM-100-PH3 Phosphine Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a34 DM-100-SiH4 Silane Sensor Assembly
d1001a3a35 DM-100-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide Sensor Assembly

Other Documentation
D1001a3ab Instruction Manual
Model Series 100 Other Documentation
Instrution Manuals
d1001a3ab1 DM-100 Instruction Manual
d1001a3ab2 DM-100 Duct Mount Kit

d1001a3ac Engineering Specification Sheets
Engineering Specification Sheets

d1001a3ac1 DM-100-C2H2 Acetylene
d1001a3ac2 DM-102-NH3 Ammonia
d1001a3ac3 DM-100-AsH3 Arsine
d1001a3ac4 DM-100-Br2 Bromine
d1001a3ac5 DM-100-C4H6 Butadiene
d1001a3ac6 DM-100-CO Carbon Monoxide
d1001a3ac7 DM-100-CL2 Chlorine
d1001a3ac8 DM-101-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-1ppm)
d1001a3ac9 DM-100-CLO2 Chlorine Dioxide (0-50ppm)
d1001a3ac10 DM-100-B2H6 Diborane
d1001a3ac11 DM-100-C2H5OH Ethanol
d1001a3ac12 DM-100-C2H5SH Ethyl Mercaptans
d1001a3ac13 DM-100-C2H4 Ethylene
d1001a3ac14 DM-100-C2H4O Ethylene Oxide
d1001a3ac15 DM-100-F2 Fluorine
d1001a3ac16 DM-100-CH2O Formaldehyde
d1001a3ac17 DM-100-GeH4 Germane
d1001a3ac18 DM-100-N2H4 Hydrazine
d1001a3ac19 DM-100-H2 Hydrogen (ppm Range)
d1001a3ac20 DM-101-H2 Hydrogen (4% Range LEL)
d1001a3ac21 DM-102-H2 Hydrogen (1% Range)
d1001a3ac22 DM-100-HBr Hydrogen Bromide
d1001a3ac23 DM-100-HCL Hydrogen Chloride
d1001a3ac24 DM-100-HCN Hydrogen Cyanide
d1001a3ac25 DM-100-HF Hydrogen Fluoride
d1001a3ac26 DM-100-H2S Hydrogen Sulfide
d1001a3ac27 DM-100-CH3OH Methanol
d1001a3ac28 DM-100-CH3SH Methyl Mercaptans
d1001a3ac29 DM-100-NO Nitric Oxide
d1001a3ac30 DM-100-NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide
d1001a3ac31 DM-100-O2 Oxygen
d1001a3ac32 DM-100-O3 Ozone
d1001a3ac33 DM-100-PH3 Phosphine
d1001a3ac34 DM-100-SiH4 Silane
d1001a3ac35 DM-100-SO2 Sulfur Dioxide

d1001a3ad Approvals and Certifications
d1001a3ad1 CSA Certification Model 100
d1001a3ad2 ATEX Model 100
d1001a3ad3 CE Model 100
d1001a3ad4 ABS Certification Model 100
d1001a4 MultiFlame Flame Detectors
Data Sheets
d1001a4a MultiFlame DF-TV7-T Triple IR
d1001a4b MultiFlame DF-TV7-V UV/Dual IR
d1001a5 GD10L Open Path Infrared Hydrocarbon Detector 

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Data Sheets
d1001a5a GD10L Open Path Hydrocarbon Detector
d1001a6 GD1 Laser Open Path  H2S Gas Detector  
Data Sheets
d1001a6a GD1 Laser Open Path H2S Gas Detector
d1001a7 DG Series Gas Detectors
Data Sheets
d1001a7a DG-TX7 MultiXplo Catalytic Flammable 
d1001a7b DGI-TT7 MultiTox Electrochem Toxic
d1001a7c DG-TT7 MOS H2S

d1001b Portable Gas Sensors
Sample Draw Manifolds
Sensor Accessories
Calibration Equipment - span
d1002a Control Systems
Remote Displays
Control Accessories
Engineered Systems
d1003a SmartWireless® Technology
d1004 Gas Analyzers
d1004a H2S,CO2,H2S-CO2, Portable H2S
d1005a    Audio Visual alarm stations

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